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Accommodation – Bed only

Price 2000R Night

In the huts “Gara-Bashi" 11 so-called “barrels” with 6 places in each and a total of 66 places. One “barrel” consists of 2 rooms.

The first room is a corridor for storing personal belongings, there is a wash basin and a 2 windows. The second spacious room for 6 people with a large panoramic window. All barrels are finished in wood. Full replacement and overhaul was in 2018. All single-level big beds and there are places for storing things (no 2 level beds). Mattresses, pillows and blankets are provided. But for your convenience it is better to have sleeping bag with you.

Each barrel has constant electricity and heaters. Sockets for chargers. Heating can be regulated independently. The barrel is warm enough always as during the day heats up in the sun and in the evening the heat lingers. The construction of barrel allows good air circulation and therefore our tourists note that the temperature inside is always comfortable, not stuffy and not too hot.

Here many climbers and organised groups. But you can come also just for a day or a couple of days to enjoy the peace and nature, skiing and snowboarding. Ascent with your meals and cook in the shared kitchen. A gas stove, kitchenware for cooking is provided. Each group releases garbage on its own. There is a difficulty with clean drinking water on the mountain, so each group takes care of its own water. You can also cook in your own barrel on your camping gas in the corridor, but carefully and observing all safety precautions warning the administrator.


2 000 Rubles per person per day


2 500 Rubles per person per day

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