We are a local travel company but with big experience knowing what is needed for good trip and summit.

Groups and climbers who trusted us their trip we want to thank a lot as we are distant location from you but we have big qualification. All partners, guides and every group we want to express a big gratitude. We trust our guests and they trust us too! 

Thanks to you we gained our experience, knowledge, and understanding. But nevertheless every newly coming group/climber is a big responsibility for us and we always try to have individual approach to every request, with big excitement and new emotions, the desire to devote all we can. We don’t have grand destinations or we don’t consider that we do something special. But its an honor and big pleasure to work for you. We value and happy with it, and will always try to justify your trust.



Russia, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Elbrus 3750 m, Garabashi-Barrels
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    Office: Russia, KBR, city Nalchik, Gorkiy 74
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    +7 928 691 44 05