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ELBRUS SKI-TOUR – 8 days in April-May

Price 64000R Night
We are glad to offer our ski tour programs to Elbrus in spring for active tourists, climbers and, most importantly, lovers of skiing and snowboarding.
  • 64 000 Rubles per person
  • All included
  • 8 days / 7 nights trip
  • April-May

A ski tour is an opportunity to ski on such slopes that cannot be reached by lifts. Ski touring skis are equipped with special anti-slip devices (skins) and special bindings that allow the heel to come off the ski when walking uphill. The descent is carried out in the traditional way.

Ski-tour or Ski-mountaineering is a popular type of outdoor activity. Conventionally, there are 2 directions: freeride-ski touring and ski-touring route. In the first case, this is a way to get to the beginning of the descent, climbing on skis, or to go out into civilization after the descent. The main interest in this case is just skiing, and ski touring is just a means of transportation. In the second case, the interest is the entire route, most of which is walking, and riding is a great bonus, but not the only goal. Our programs combine both directions, both freeride and route walking. In Alps, ski touring has become widespread, there are many routes in the Alps. In Russia, the first descriptions of ski touring routes appeared in the early 2000s.

Ski-mountaineering started in the Elbrus region not so long time ago. But every year it becomes more and more popular, as there are many wild places with fresh good snow cover. There are combined tours along the routes in the Elbrus region in various options and for any number of days. There are great opportunities for ski touring in the Elbrus region – we have chosen some of them ourselves, based on previous practice and experience. In the area of the Adyl-su and Adyr-su gorges, to the mountains of Cheget and Kogutai. The best time for a ski touring program is April – May.

Ski touring programs may vary depending on the weather, snow conditions and avalanche danger.

On the 8 day tour (depending on weather conditions) we may stay on the barrels without going down to the hotel. We recommend a one-day descent to Azau for full acclimatization. We follow the forecast and taking this into account, we decide on the spot.

Ski-tour trip
Day 1. Meeting in Min Vody airport. Transfer to Elbrus area. Accommodation in hotel on Azau glade.
Day 2. Climbing to tourist’s hotel “Gara Bashy” (3800 m) by cable-ways “Elbrus” and “Gara-Bashi”.
Acclimatization hike till base “Priut 11” (4200 m). Returning to Gara-Bashi.
Day 3.Climbing for acclimatization to Pastukhov’s rocks (4800 m). Returning to hotel “Gara Bashi”.
Day 4. Skiing down to Azau glade (2350 m). Acclimatization is over.
Day 5. Climbing to tourist’s hotel “Gara Bashy” (3800 m) by cable-ways “Elbrus” and “Gara-Bashi”.
Day 6. Climbing to a top of mount Elbrus. Skiing down to Gara-Bashi.
Day 7. Spare day for climbing. Skiing down to Azau glade.
Day 8. Transfer to Min Vody. Departure to Moscow.


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